a lesson in french guys.

guy: excusez-moi.
me: oui?
guy: de lyon? (are you from lyon?)
me: non, euh un peu... (well, a little)
guy: d'où? (where from?)
me: des Etats-Unis.
guy: oh! america? what are you doing here?
me: studying.
guy: what do you study?
me: la linguistique.
guy: french? nice. what are you doing right now?
me: going to class, actually.
guy: you're cute.
me: uh, thank you.
guy: how old are you?
me: uh, why do you need to know?
guy: just to know...
me: i'm 20. but why?
guy: cause i was thinking maybe we could, you know.
me: i'm taken, sorry.
guy: oh you have a boyfriend?
me: yeah.
guy: okay, bye.
me: have a good day!


guy: hey, rainboots!
me: oh, you need directions?
guy: you're not from here are you?
me: nope, you got me.
guy: (i knew it!) where from then?
me: the US
guy: oh! how hot! let's try small talk.
me: well, just small talk, i don't really want to get to know you.
guy: i'm feigning interest in something other than your thighs.
me: i'm a total nerd and i love the french language.
guy: ooh a nerd, maybe you need someone in your pants.
me: no thank you, and i honestly don't have time.
guy: give me a shot, i'll flatter you. the ladies love that.
me: thanks for making my day, but i'm not into flattery... or so i thought.
guy: just need to make sure this wouldn't be illegal
me: what age do i look? you're like 27 anyway.
guy: don't be shy, i'm about to bag this catch.
me: i'm not in your bracket, my age doesn't matter, but okay.
guy: i want to bang you.
me: too bad! stop trying!
guy: dangit. a swing and a miss.
me: fail.
guy: i'm out of here before this gets awkward.
me: see you never!

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