wine country! (02.10.2010)

beaujolais. in short, it's the wine region that's north of lyon, between le Massif centrale (a big ol' mountain range in central france) and la Saône (one of the rivers that runs through lyon. it is famous for the wine "nouveau beaujolais" which is a wine that is fermented for a few days and consumed not long after to celebrate the harvest. however, they still produce other red wines which are quite fruity and delicious :)

our excursion involved going to a farm owned by the cutest freaking couple on the planet. he makes wine and she makes bread. the dinner was spectacular! the first course was a simple salad and the most delicious paté i've had here/in my life. the second was a beef stew with rice, which was very much like a family type of meal. then there was cheese - three kinds that were all scrumptious, served on various breads (one with figs in it!). and then two different desserts and coffee. the four hours of eating was worth every second! i was stuffed but not in the same way you get at thanksgiving -- more like every fiber of my body was somehow nourished and felt energized.

between courses we learned about wine-tasting, wine-making, organic farming, bread-making (it's so easy!), and of course we took time to take silly pictures. i bought a bottle of relatively young wine (2009) to enjoy sometime in about a year (hopefully after i come back to the states).

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