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clothing item review: the turtleneck

turtleneck and i have quite the history. throughout elementary school i wore turtlenecks with dresses, overalls, and pants. i had them in many colors, too. (aside: see how i use the oxford comma?) but somewhere around the time i got boobs i stopped wearing them. or maybe i just had a growth spurt. it was sixth grade by the time i started wanting to look cute, and therefore "borrowed" mom's earrings and started wearing a choker necklace that was really kinda cute. i even snuck eye shadow sometimes! so that's when turtleneck and i had a falling out.

that was then. now, i'm an aspiring sophisticated woman. i saw this turleneck sweater that is hunter green. first of all, i don't wear green. ever. secondly, it's a turtleneck. that's just not fashion. but it wanted me so badly, so i bought it. and today, i wore it because it was much too cold to have a bare neck.

my neck was doubly warm when i added a scarf.
it's versatile with my wardrobe as well as hair styles and accessories.
i look put together and feel more confident (i guess without fear of unsolicited cleavage shenanigans).

my neck was doubly warm when i wanted to take off my second scarf... and it was attached.
i don't have a long and/or beaded necklace or a skinny waist belt.
i couldn't reach in through the neck hole to adjust my bra straps.
i look 30.

great for cold weather (perhaps only cold weather)

in other news, yet still on the topic of clothing, gloves really make a difference in making you feel warmer. and i imagine a hat would have too, if i had bothered to wear one. i'm trying to acclimate by being just a little on the cold side almost all day, but i don't know how long that really takes! at least 2 weeks, i imagine.

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