things that made my day

i could (and did) eat a whole baguette. just sayin.

so much love lying there at my feet.

this band was outside h&m singing these awesome songs. this one is a traditional irish folk tune. the one before was a little more appealing, but in general they were soooo good. also, i apologize for the bad audio (i'm not savvy enough to know how nor do i have the software to fix it). [NOTE: still waiting on youtube to process the video, so sorry if you can't see it yet, you'll just have to come back]

three other things without pictures: 1) the bartender at the place where i had my cappuccino this morning was humming/singing/whistling along with the radio, especially to "american boy" it was cute! 2) i got brazil nut body butter, which i'm pretty sure i had a sample of when i was like 11 because it smells so deliciously nostalgic. also, it was cheaper than lotion. 3) i got a pair of black skinny jeans and therefore figured out my pants size here, which is very good to know.

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