a week in review

this weekend consisted of absolutely nothing on Saturday followed by a day of fun on Sunday. there was a parade called "la vie en rose" that was celebrating la rentree (the new season, the French use this term for anything new in September. it truly is the French new year) of la maison de la danse which is basically a conglomeration of dance schools in Lyon. so this parade was not so much a performance as it was a bunch of people in crazy costumes walking to creepy crazy or classic music. and it was two hours long. and it was awesome. see for yourself!

Monday was the last day of ILP and class until next week. tuesday i did errands and got my student ID card. and I don't remember what I did after that! maybe I was choosing what classes I wanted to take. or writing natalie's cheat sheet for her visit this weekend!! I'm supah stoked!

Wednesday gets its own paragraph. I had planned to go to fourvière with Zoe in the afternoon but i wanted to do something inthe morning. so... I invited Tina to go with me to parc de la tête d'or for the morning. but so sadly i had to burn some time at a cafe before meeting up with her upon arriving we spontaneously decided to try out the velo'v system. there are these bike stations all over the city where you can rent a bike for however long and return it later to any station. of course you have certain time limits and such. however it's super convenient and could save you a cab ride. so Tina and I got our bikes and then spent an hour riding around the park. we returned the bikes and then walked around. apparently weekdays mean that this huge park has next to zero people in it. it felt good to breathe so much fresh air not to mention the smell of fresh cut grass. mmmm :)

after that I ate my picnic lunch that I had made from food I bought from the marché that morning. and then met Zoe in vieux Lyon for our sightseeing adventure. the basilica was built in the 19th century in Byzantine style. I was in such awe that I just didn't take pictures really. because it's on the hill you can see all of Lyon extending out on the land. I had a moment of utter excitement looking out across my new home city. it's so beautiful and accessible. I've only been here a few weeks and i feel as though I could have lived here for months.

in the evening (yes this is still Wednesday) i went to a crêpe party at Zoe and chloe's place. I was so excited for crêpes that I begged to cook them. and they turned out nicely.

I have grown to love plastic cup coffee. because it's ridiculously cheap and it's fairly decent. don't disown me! I haven't had any milk except for a little in coffee sometimes (it really is just a little... it's still on the bottom half of the paint swatch if you know what i mean). I eat some yogurt and some cheese but that's it. I try to eat out once a week but at the same time it's expensive. one meal costs almost as much as the rest of my food for the week. I will admit my diet is pretty cheap but very grain and fat heavy. need veggies! but that's what ratatouille is for :)

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