annecy and other things

i started classes on wednesday. take a look at what my week looked like:
i'm super stoked for my classes. french linguistics, historical linguistics, french syntax, an art class, and 2 required language/methodology/culture classes. getting to the Bron campus (the one i have been going to, not the initial one) is a nightmare. but worse is the part where you have to get back. it's about 20 minutes from lyon, 30 from the other campus. and there's one tram line that has 2 stops at the university. so, all that said, it's even more of a nightmare getting back. it takes at least an hour because you have to try to sandwich yourself onto the tram, but don't get the chance until the 3rd one to pass has been stuffed with people. and then you spend half an hour in that situation, standing body-to-body with everyone, because no one gets off until the end, typically (where the other, closer, campus is). on the bright side... well, i'm not sure what the bright side is in this case. at any rate, i can still get there no probs!

on friday night, i went with some friends (we're quite the group now) to an anglophone night at a bar. i met a couple very nice french girls :) it was also nice that the drinks were fairly cheap!
saturday was my trip to annecy! tina and i had planned to find a place to stay, but we spent our morning there and decided it was too cold and wet and we had already seen what we wanted to. at any rate, we left super early in the morning, so i immediately fell asleep on the train (my first time too!). the french countryside is so beautiful and so green! i loved seeing it all through the window (reason to not take a plane hmm?). the first thing we did upon arrival was finding a map and getting a coffee/breakfast. and then we got lost in the old streets, seeing all the pretty buildings.
we went to the castle, which is now a museum of stuff that doesn't necessarily pertain to the history of the chateau. nevertheless, it was lovely.

when i got back, i decided to join my friends for a night of conversation, music, and laughs "autour un verre" (around a glass, i.e. and drinks). we had to speak french for quite a bit of it because we have a french guy who doesn't understand us if we speak english (because we talk so fast and poorly articulated).

and then yesterday (sunday) we all met up to go to le parc de la tete d'or because some had never been. we saw the animals and flowers and had a marvelous time. and then we found a place to have dinner in le vieux-lyon. fortunately they had a 10€ menu! again, it was some great company. it feels good to be social again, and consistently.

i don't have classes today (or tomorrow) so i have plenty of free time to make sure i do some homework and relax, and maybe even travel (woot!). there are some people who also don't have class on mondays, so i can hang out with them too :)

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