it's the final countdown

as of today, there are 19 days until i leave. conveniently, i have something to do for about 16 of those days so that waiting isn't quite so irritating. i've got a chemical cocktail of emotions, but that's all part of the fun!

right now i'm out of town (yay, it's not 100 degrees but 70) for a week-ish, visiting my brother and his lovely fiancée. there's social life type stuff here too, which i've been needing. you know, human contact.

when i return, my new shoes (TOMS x2) and glasses and contacts will be waiting for me. aaaannnndddd le boyfriend will be coming to visit for just over 5 days. i can't wait! it will be the bittersweetest of visits, but i still get to see him :)

after he leaves i'll have 6 days to get my life packed in to two suitcases and a purse. and when i say suitcases, i mean small ones. i'll basically be taking everything i need to live for 3 weeks. one summer week, one mild week, and one winter week. i simply don't have any other choice. i like the idea of traveling light; it's an in-your-face frugality challenge, and i accept! i'll consider it my first test as a world traveler!

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