well i am home with the family! that last week at school was all over the place between finals, packing, and spending time with my sweetie.

i hardly remember studying or anything like that. i know i did well on my finals, but i definitely felt best about mmw, with which i am finally done! my grades were posted today! well, three of them. two As and a B in morphology. i'm quite bummed i didn't even get a B+. maybe i bombed the final or something. at any rate, my A+ in psycholinguistics should keep my major GPA creeping toward that 3.75! i'm not expecting much more than a B in french because i didn't get As all quarter. plus the grammar really takes away from all your possible points.

mom came down to pick me up after i had packed everything. we loaded at least half my stuff into the car tetris style on friday night last week, i guess it was. that way, we had a parking spot and didn't haeve to worry about move-out/commencement traffic. we finished up in the morning, but so much had been left behind by my roommates who had to take off so quickly that i had to take care of a ton of it. oh well.

we spent the morning with my aunt at the cove and then met cuong for tea so he and i could go spend some time together before i took off. we went to balboa park and the science center there. oh, and the rose gardens, which were in full bloom and smelled wonderful! the weather had just cleared up; how nice! after those few hours, we drove up to where my mom, aunt, and i would be staying so that we could all have dinner together. we ate at the fancy restaurant there and it was so glorious! cuong and i split venison chops, and for desert i chose the creme brulée. we were so stuffed even that we had to go for a walk down to the shore. the waves were so soothing. saying goodbye was hard. i definitely cried a lot of tears. we hugged and hugged and hugged. all i know is that all the times we've spent together were just wonderful, and that's what i'm going to hold onto :) i know that he's trying to be optimistic and supportive despite wanting this year to just pass by so we can see each other again. i'm happy he has the gall to stand behind my dream.

on the way up, we had planned to stop by the french consulate in san francisco and apply for my visa. so my dad had helped my mom find us a hotel for the night before, and it was a block from the consulate. perfect! we spent some time touring san francisco and pier 39. the next morning, we dined at a beautiful french cafe and then headed to my appointment. the people before me took quite a while, but when i got to the window, he asked all the questions, wrote a few things down, and went through my papers. i was over-prepared, but i had to be for fear of having to come back or something ridiculous like that. they will be sending my passport back to me by the end of the week, they said. once i get my visa, i will be really excited!

i've been thinking about the time i'm spending at home before i take on the world. i have about 8 weeks till i leave. there are a few things to take care of: you know, the dentist and optometrist and stuff like that. i already got my eyes checked and have a followup next week :) i won't be getting new glasses till next month i don't think, but that's okay with me. and keeping things packed for when i get back is weird to say the least. it's hard to know what i will need when, but i'll just roll with it. and oh man, i have so much junk here too... i'm going to throw away all these trinkets from middle school. that was 6 years ago now! hopefully that will make preparing to leave that much better and easier.

on a completely unrelated note, 31 days till my birthday! i'm going to be 20. weird. i feel 25 sometimes. the rest of the time it's like i'm a 12-year-old.

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  1. I'm gonna miss you so much :)

    I'm glad that you're so diligent about documenting all your adventures. It will help to make up for the always growing gap between us, distance wise ;)

    Glad that getting your passport and such is going easily for you. That can be difficult sometimes. Good that you're not going to have to wait months and such to get it!

    Eight weeks away? You must be starting to get fidgety :D