in which i have received my visa!

talk about a fast and efficient government agency... it took 4 days to process and issue my visa and 1 day to get to me. i'm impressed! do we have that kind of service anywhere in the states? it was harder to get my friggin driver's license! it'sactually quite cool looking... it's got those blue and red threads and microprint like you see on money. and my updated picture... my passportpicture is me as an awkward chubby teenager; this one makes me look like a young woman :)

speaking of being a young woman, i went on a little shopping adventure which was originally supposed to just burn time. however, i found some shoes and fell in love with them and then bought them. leather, good construction, low heel, soft insole, and absolutely adorable!
so now i have them and i lovelovelove them. needless to say, they complete the variety of shoes i need: black, brown, comfy, and sandals. the comfy is usually TOMS, which are my absolute favorite, but tend to wear out a bit quickly (especially with keeping color. boo.). i need to get a black or navy pair. ooh navy :)

another thing i need to get done is my hair. i'm thinking not just a cut, but a different style. any ideas, people? don't worry, i'm not going justin bieber short or anything.

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