wherein reality becomes concrete

i've booked my flight to lyon and back to sacramento for the weekend of my brother's wedding in october! it took A LOT of guts to actually allow myself to make that purchase. the price dropped $300 in front of my eyes, so i took that as a sign. there were also only 9 seats left on that set of flights. i still have to book the one-way flight in october (going back after the wedding), but i will take care of that in the coming weeks!

tomorrow is my health clearance appointment. god willing it will not run long and cut into class time (i did allow plenty of time for it, too).

it's all so real. i could just cry in all my joy. the fear is starting to melt a little, but of course all my excitement is kicking it out.

and that is all.


note to self:

do not go to france with longlonglong strawberry blond hair; a crazy man might just cut it off.

today i met with my french professor to talk about my composition and other class-related issues, as well as my plans for lyon. he got really excited for me. yay! however, he also offered quite a lot of useful advice -- like the kind you get from years of retrospect. one of the biggest things is that the language download process is something you have to embrace. also, it's like a being a baby where your life is like PUZZLING INFORMATION so you sleep a lot just to cope with so much input, yet you eventually figure it out. he did mention the depression that sets in after coming back because you're no longer surrounded by a whole bunch of new words to learn every day. however, he assured me that after spending that long there, the french will have stuck and it will come back to me just like a song on the piano does.

he also commended me on my pronunciation and grammar awareness (as in i still make mistakes, but i know enough to actually fix them). he said this would be useful because it will all start to click once i'm immersed. we talked about how my ancestors are from near calais, and how i should visit there (this vein of the conversation was brought on by his noticing i wear a fleur de lis necklace). i may do just that!

all in all, this helpful information makes me so excited to go. i'm so glad others are excited for me, even those who don't know me too well!